Real Estate

Real Estate is the permanent developments attached to any land along with land, in other words, real estate is the physical surface of the land and anything is permanently attached to it with all the rights of ownership like the right to sell, lease, possess, and enjoy the land.

It also includes trees, water, minerals, fences, bridges, buildings and homes. Real estate means real property and it differs from personal properties like vehicles, boats, jewellery, furniture, and farm equipment, which are not permanently attached to Land.

You can directly invest in real estate by rental property, purchasing property, or indirectly through a real estate investment trust (REIT).

Types of Real Estate:-

  1. Residential real estate: Residential property is the property which is used for residential purposes like family homes, duplexes and  townhouses
  2. Commercial real estate: Commercial property is the property used for business purposes like gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, parking facilities, stores and many more.
  3. Industrial real estate: Industrial property is the property used for production, distribution, manufacturing, storage, research and development etc like factories, power plants, and warehouses.
  4. Land: Land Covers undeveloped property, empty land and agricultural land.
  5. Special purpose: Special Purpose Property used by the public like government buildings, places of worship, libraries, parks, and schools.

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    Real Estate