Portfolio Management Service is a modified professional Portfolio Management Service offered to different investors to deliver and fulfil their investments objectives. The clients can be Individuals, Institutions or any entities with high net worth. In simple words, a PMS delivers professional management of investor’s investments for create wealth.

    Types Of PMS

    Active Portfolio Management  In this type of management, the portfolio manager is mostly concerned with generating maximum returns. Resultantly, they put a significant share of resources in the trading of securities. Typically, they purchase stocks when they are undervalued and sell them off when their value increases.

    Passive Portfolio Management  In this specific sort of Portfolio, the management is concerned about a fixed profile that adjusts perfectly with the current market patterns. In this Portfolio, managers are more likely to invest in index funds with low but stable returns which can be profitable in the long run.
    Discretionary Portfolio Management In this particular PMS type, the portfolio managers are assigned with the authority to invest as per their choice on investors’ behalf. In this portfolio, managers choose investment strategies based on investors’ goals and risk appetite.
    Non-Discretionary Management In this type of PMS, the managers provide advice on investment and It is depend upon investors whether to accept the advice or reject it.
    Who provide PMS service Stock Brokers, Banks and Financial Institutions provide PMS services.
    Who can Open PMS Account An Individual, A Hindu Undivided Families, A Limited Companies, An NRI and Overseas companies etc. You can open a PMS account by calling or by email to your Brokers PMS desk. Once they receive your request their executives get back to you with more details. Basic requirement to open PMS account is Pan card, Aadhaar card, Address proof and 1 passport size photo

    Benefits Of PMS –

     Expert Management: PMS provides expert management to investors for their portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long-term growth.

    Portfolio Tracking: PMS provides continuous tracking of investor’s investments to maximize the returns.

     Control On Risk: PMS is designed in such a way that risks are low and properly managed by portfolio managers.

    Transparency: PMS service is totally transparent. Investors get account statements and performance reports on a monthly basis in PMS Service. Web access is also available to investors for tracking all information relating to their investment on daily basis. 

    Customize Approach: In PMS Investors can approach directly to their professional portfolio managers who dynamically manage their portfolio.