Why choose Cashflow Protection Plus Plan

Benefits of Cashflow Protection Plus Plan

Income + Protection For 100 Years
Saath rahenge 100 saal! With advancements in medical science, average life expectancy has increased. That is why this plan offers you the provision to receive a guaranteed income and life cover till 100 years of age.

Regular Additions
Let us add to your happiness! Money-Back and Reversionary Bonus*² are offered on your policy to maximize your savings. Money-Back is equal to 5.5% of Sum Assured on Maturity and Reversionary Bonus*² is based on the performance of the participating fund.

Profit Sharing
Let’s grow together! Cash Bonus⁵ is a non-guaranteed bonus based on the performance of the participating fund. This is payable every year at each policy anniversary after the premium paying term along with the Money Back benefit.

Discounts on Higher Sum Assured
The higher, the better! We like to reward those who aim for more. That is why we offer discounts⁴ when you opt for a higher sum assured value.

Loan Facility
Don’t let financial trouble stop you from your goals! We want you to live your zindagi unlimited, even if you need a little support to do it. That is why Edelweiss Tokio Life Cashflow Protection Plus offers you the choice to avail a loan for urgent need of funds.


    Example –

    Rahul invests 90000 Rs every year for 10 years and gets 2,50000 Rs end of the 10th year and 58000 every year till lifetime with a death cover of 1000000 Rs.

    Tax Benefits
    Don’t worry about deductions! The premiums you pay are eligible for deductions under section 80(C) and the returns you get from it are exempt from taxes under section 10(10D).

    How it Works

    how cashflow plan works