Accident Insurance

Accidental Insurance is a Personal Insurance and part of General Insurance which covers death and any type of disability by an accident.

Accidental Insurance can also complement Health Insurance if an accident causes you to have medical expenses that your Health Insurance doesn’t cover.

Accidental Insurance policy covers Dislocation, Laceration, Concussion, Fracture, Eye injury, Burn, Dental, Accidental death and Dismemberment and more.

Who Provide Accidental Insurance Service

Insurance companies like Bharti Axa, Bajaj Aalianz, Aditya Birla Health Insurance and many more provide service of Accidental Insurance.

    How to Apply For Accidental Insurance
    You can apply Accidental Insurance online or by visiting their branch.


    There are many benefits of Accidental Insurance those are:-

    • Provides financial safety to your family and loved ones.
    • Over and above the current condition no external tests and documents needed.
    • Extensive coverage at very reasonable rates.
    • It offers worldwide exposure.
    • Easy and smooth claim process.
    • Support centres available on all days and all time.
    • You can also customise the policy for your specific needs.